Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 17 'New Years Mash Up'

Year End Holiday Mash-up!

Listen to our favorite clips of the show while we lock and load and
raid Mulberry Bill's Zombie Infested Home! Taking Back the Historical

Jam Packed Show of our Favorite moments. Ring in the new year Mulberry Style!
Episode 17

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 16

Season's Greetings - Vanessa returns - Where's Bill? - 5 things we want for Christmas - New Years Resolutions - King Kong - Fun with Dick and Jane - Matt Lauer quip - Survivor Finale - Apprentice Finale - Alias - Wanted - Carmen Electra loves kids - Holiday Movie Drops Game! - News - DVD's of the Week: Brothers Grimm - Zombie killing spree


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 14

Angry Browncoat Voicemail - Cancelled TV shows: Nightstalker - Threshold - Alias' Final Season - Earl & The Office moved to Thursdays - New look for Olympic Medals - Judge Judy drops in - Peter Jackson - KING KONG - Aeon Flux - What's on your TIVO?: The Triangle - The greatness of 'I come in Peace' - Survivor - The Apprentice - Veronica Mars - Tom Cruise talks 'Silent Birth' - LOST - Lost Theory - NEWS - DVD's of the Week: Clone Wars Vol. 2 - 24 Season 4 boxed set


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 'Lucky' 13

Zombie Thanksgiving - Macy's Parade Lameness - XBox 360 Launch - Black Friday Madness - Insane Shoppers - R.I.P. Pat Morita - 'Just Friends'Trailer - What's on your TIVO?: The Apprentice - Jastrom's Picard Impression - Veronica Mars - My Name is Earl - Will Smith at the AMA's - LOST - Lost Theory! - News - Mulberry Bill's Holiday DVD Buyer's Guide! - Serenity DVD roundtable


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 12

Zombies in Mulberry? - Andy Voicemail - Star Wars Roundtable - BoxOffice top 10 - The Ice Harvest - Running Scared w/Paul Walker - SouthPark - The Apprentice - My Name is Earl - Alias - Veronica Mars - Smallville - LOST - Lost Theory - 'Movie Drops!' - NEWS - DVD's of the Week: War of the Worlds

This Episode is Dedicated with Love to our friend David Lee.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mulberry Message Board!

We now have a forum where we can discuss the show and TV and Movies and hell anything you want! Come on over and register now! MULBERRY FORUM

Monday, October 17, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Seven

Where's Stephen? - There's a new James Bond! - ABC/Itunes Video $1.99 - Bit Torrent - Greatness of the Podcast Pickle - Movie Talk - Domino - Tony Scott - The Fog: Universally panned - Elizabethtown - Stephen phones in from Hollywood - Smallville - Veronica Mars - Alias - Stephen Dozes Off - My name is Earl - LOST - LOST theory - Movie Drops game - The News -The Greatness of SPACED - DVDs: Batman Begins - Land of the Dead


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Six

This Episode: Documentary 'The Staircase' - Emmy Worthy Sarcasm - Minutae? - Movie 'The Ringer' - Movie Adverts with Ass - The Fog - Serenity Box Office - 'What's on your TIVO?' : My Name is Earl - Stephen guest stars on ALIAS - The Apprentice - Smallville - Kevin Smith cameo on Veronica Mars - Steve Guttenberg is back - Survivor - LOST - Michelle Rodriguez annoys Jastrom - LOST THEORIES of the week - "MOVIE DROPS!" Game - DVD Releases: High Tension - Unleashed - The News: TomKat expecting Kitten


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nowhere In Mulberry Episode Five

Serenity Discussion and Review - Jastrom's Fast Food Rant - 1st show cancelled "Head Cases" Adam Goldberg - Are the Nielsen ratings obsolete? - Tivo Ratings? - Will Veronica Mars survive against Lost? - Our first Voicemail - Doom starring Dwayne Johnson Trailer and discussion - Shane Black Directs 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' - Why we missed Martha Behind Bars - "What's on your TIVO": Alias premiere - Veronica Mars premiere - Ghost Whisperer=Snoozefest - Ghost Hunters - "What's with all the ghosts on tv?" - Smallville premiere - The greatness that is "My Name Is Earl" - LOST - Stupid Lost theory of the week - DVD's of the week: Fly collector's edition - News.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Coming up on Monday's show...

We'll Discuss and review SERENITY

Should the Nielsen Ratings be obsolete with the advent of dual tuner Tivo/DVR's?

What's on your Tivo?

Another round of Movie Drops!

Trailer for DOOM.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


We're finally on ~Podcast Alley~ Check it out! Apparently on their site they have a vote system of popularity. Vote if you want but I'm not gonna ask people to vote for us unless you really want to.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Four ~Special Jampacked Edition!

Jastrom and Stephen with Bill and Vanessa in this Jampacked Episode 4 Discuss~Hurricane Rita Evacuees - Bill makes us Gasp - Vanessa makes us gasp - Move trailer 'History of Violence' - David Cronenberg films - Viggo Mortensen's career - Wallace and Gromit/Serenity - "What's on your TIVO?": Martha behind bars - Martha Stewart Apprentice - Review of premiere of Ghost Whisperer - Finale of Battlestar Galactica - Threshold Ep 2 - Stephen offends short people - My Name is Earl - Rockstar INXS Finale - Big Brother 6 Finale - The premiere of THE APPRENTICE - THE "LOST" PREMIERE AND 'STUPID LOST THEORIES' - NANO BOTS! - Reflecting back on Stephen's Panic episode - "Movie Drops Game" - DVD's this week: Who bought Mallrats 10th Anniv - Mallrats cast Q & A discussion - The News - Top Box Office


Sunday, September 25, 2005

I get no respect...

Foggy here, Mysterious Board-Op of Nowhere in Mulberry and my job is the glue that holds the show together. It is up to me to make the show funny with my awesome sound drop skills. Who do you think it is putting together the Movie Drops game? Me, numero uno. Not one to toot my own horn but I doubt this show could survive without me. The hosts of this show are Nut Jobs and I doubt would be able to do this show without me Toning the show down with my hilarious antics. I am the star of this show! Send fanmail to NIMPODCAST@GMAIL.COM

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Three

The Jastrom and Stephen are back along with Mulberry Bill and Vanessa. On this show we discuss: Our new Website-ODEO-Podcast Pickle-Jastrom's family vacation-We watch the trailer to the new movie 'Into The Blue' and listen to clips of the new Jennifer Love Hewitt show 'The Ghost Whisperer'-In Bill's DVD segment we discuss Battlestar Galactica Season 1 Boxed set-Mallrats 10th Anniv DVD-"What's on your TIVO?" W/Lost talk and Threshold and Survivor talk-The "Movie Drops" Game-The News with Vanessa.


Podcast Pickle!

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Two

Episode Number 2. With Jastrom, Stephen, Vanessa and Introducing Mulberry Historian MulBerry Bill.

Episode 2 is here and we talk about FEMA and the fact that someone padded their resume'-Exaggerated Movie sound effects-The upcoming film Brokeback Mountain-What's on our Tivo's-A visit to Vanessa's news desk-And a discussion on EVP-Electronic Voice to coast am.

Special shout out to my Dad for the Music! Thanks Pops!


Nowhere in Mulberry Episode one

Show Number 1. With Jastrom, Stephen and Vanessa.

Well here it is Episode 1 in it's unedited form even with a few f-bombs dropped. I'm not interested in making that a habit.

In this show we talk -Hurricane Katrina's aftermath- the new film 'Waiting...'-Crank Call to the Geek Squad-Stephen panics during news story-State of movies in Hollywood-Our horrible Board-op.

Nowhere in Mulberry is a show recorded at a small town radio station in the Cultural District of Mulberry Circle.


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