Monday, March 30, 2020

The Jastrom Drives Episode 3 -- Pandemic Edition

Join The Jastrom as he searches for Food, Toilet Paper and most importantly Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Bread during a world wide pandemic and realizes that none of the films he's seen has prepared him for this.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dead Ahead -- Audio Novel Project

Back in July of 2016 I released a Patron Only audio novel podcast series called Dead Ahead -- It was a work in progress Zombie story that I was working on and I wanted to try something new, Audio Narration. Reading a book out loud is pretty tough, this first chapter is pretty rough, not just my writing but also my narration but I think I get better in the subsequent chapters. In this time of quarantine and isolation that we all find ourselves, it made me think a lot about this story that I was trying to tell and I decided to release it on the main feed. Fair warning though, this is an incomplete project as after recording five chapters with intense editing I quickly burned out BUT if people are interested I have more chapters written and I'm willing to try to record more. Let me know.

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Dead Ahead -- Chapter 2

In Chapter 2: The Death Tide is coming and we are introduced to a new character named Jack who is just barely grasping what exactly is happening in the town of Mulberry

Dead Ahead -- Chapter 3

In Chapter 3: Clifford encourages his son Henry to keep the people of the Hub calm. Henry barely keeps it together as the world he once knew begins to slowly disappear. 

Dead Ahead -- Chapter 4

In Chapter 4: With Protocol 19 engaged a restless Henry begins to read about the history of his hometown. 

Dead Ahead -- Chapter 5

In Chapter 5: Henry realizes that he's not the only living person in the tower but will he be able to reach them in time? This was the last chapter that I recorded of Dead Ahead but there is more written. Let me hear your feedback. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

ETL Quarantine Special -- ETL Exclusives

Way back in time before this crazy time of self-isolation and quarantine I released these 'Patron Only' episodes for our paying customers. But cut to now there's a need for content to help pass the time so I thought it would be fun to just throw it out there to you the listener! Stay safe and stay healthy and for God's sake Wash Your Hands!

ETL Exclusive Ep1 -- Unreliable Narrator

Once a Patreon Exclusive Published on July 5th, 2015 now in this time of Quarantine I'm going to offer up a handful of Episodes that no one on the regular feed has ever gotten to hear. Let's go back to a more simpler time. Join, Stephen and I as we talk about his obsession with Minecraft and then a talk with my Dad as we talk about our love of Film Composer James Horner and his legacy.

ETL Exclusive Ep2 -- Dead Guy at the Beach

Originally conceived as a Patron Only episode and released on July 14th, 2015 let's go back to a much simpler time. Hear My Dad and I discuss Terminator Genisys, Harper Lee's book Go Set a Watchman and Much more!

ETL Exclusive Ep3 -- Playing Mad Max

Originally Published for Patron's Only on July 17th, 2015. Join Stephen and I talk about nothing but the Mad Max video game. He's playing it on Xbox One and I'm playing it on PS4. Enjoy the show!

ETL Exclusive Ep4 -- Airships and Time Machines

Originally Published as a Patron Only episode on February 15th, 2016 Join Stephen the Pop Culture Zealot and The Jastrom as they talk about everything from Zombies to Time Travel to John Woo -- As always talk eventually ends up in the Frame Shop.