Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nowhere In Mulberry Episode Five

Serenity Discussion and Review - Jastrom's Fast Food Rant - 1st show cancelled "Head Cases" Adam Goldberg - Are the Nielsen ratings obsolete? - Tivo Ratings? - Will Veronica Mars survive against Lost? - Our first Voicemail - Doom starring Dwayne Johnson Trailer and discussion - Shane Black Directs 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' - Why we missed Martha Behind Bars - "What's on your TIVO": Alias premiere - Veronica Mars premiere - Ghost Whisperer=Snoozefest - Ghost Hunters - "What's with all the ghosts on tv?" - Smallville premiere - The greatness that is "My Name Is Earl" - LOST - Stupid Lost theory of the week - DVD's of the week: Fly collector's edition - News.


1 comment:

The Jastrom said...

I seriously hope everything is working properly now after I had to change the audio last night I really fouled things up for awhile. Odeo isn't even showing we have an episode 5. All the other pod feed sites seems to be working. I love Podcast Pickle!

Enjoy the show everyone we had a lot of fun making it!