Thursday, December 11, 2008

The NiM Holiday Package is Here! *Now Free!*

THE NiM Holiday Package is Here! (Donation Required)

3 Videocasts and 3 Podcasts Available to our Generous Listeners!

We've put together this special treat for your enjoyment and a lot of time and care went into these shows so that you feel like it's well worth your time.

Help Support Nowhere in Mulberry this holiday season with the generous donation of $10 (or more if you like) and gain instant access to these awesome shows!

The Package Includes:

NiM does Jack Bauer! "The 24: Redemption Show"
Featuring Jason and Bill
Join Bill and Jason as they go into way too much detail discussing the exciting return of Jack Bauer in 24: Redemption. Help Jack save the children! Running Time 58:35

The Lunchtime Show "The Lost Episode"
Featuring Jason & Bill with Andy Siems
The Lunchtime show returns and it's all about the birth of Nowhere in Mulberry From Idea and Concept to it's inception. Learn why it's called Mulberry, about Foggy, Where Vanessa went and why we left TalkRadioX and much more. More information than anyone truly would want to know contained inside!Running Time 1:42:40

NiM Celebrates Film Music "The Score"
Featuring Terry Walstrom, Andy Siems with Jason
Join Terry and Andy with Jason in this passionate discussion as they discuss their mutual love of Film Music and the Composers that have created such memorable works in the history of movie making. This show was a labor of love for me as it was with my Dad.Running Time 2:35:09

Included Video Podcasts:

Nowhere in Mulberry Plays Left4Dead! Parts 1,2 and 3 W/Audio only Version!
Featuring Jason, Bill and Andy
In 3 Parts - These Videos availabe in both 480p video files and Ipod Ready Files for your viewing pleasure. Watch Jason, Bill and Andy fight hordes of 'Fast Running' Zombies while discussing their love of the undead and other such things. This Also includes a bonus 'Audio Only' file in Podcast Form.Running Time totals about an hour

To Recieve These Episodes

Go to Nowhere in Mulberry
Click the Donation Button on the right and then send your donation.
You Will then be sent Access to The Holiday Package via Email.
Any Questions? Send them to and I will promptly answer them.

It was a blast putting this package together and we hope that everyone enjoys it and again I thank all of you for your Donations and Support.