Monday, January 23, 2023

Video Game Landfill Episode One -- Maiden Voyage

Introducing Video Game Landfill our new video game-centric podcast with Special Guest: Jimmy Good! - Are PS5's Melting or Not? - Anticipating Starfield - Getting ready for the Xbox Developer_Direct - Redfall Talk and Release Date Predictions - A Gotham Knights Digression - Forza Motorsport Talk and Release Date Prediction - Minecraft Legends Anticipation - A Diablo IV Digression - Wild Hearts Maybe?/Atomic Heart Intrigued? - Jedi Survivor Hopes and Wishes - Jimmy Predicts Starfield's Release Date - Our The Last of Us Episode One Talk - Jimmy takes the Gears of War Trivia Challenge - Layoff Empathy - Jimmy has been to Super Nintendo World

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*Theme Music: Stellar Fire - Visit Jimmy Good's Youtube Channel*

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