Tuesday, September 03, 2019

ETL Spotlight: The Past and the Pending Podcast Episode 15: Heroic Bloodshedding with The Jastrom

Special Thanks to Adam Sexton for graciously allowing me to post this episode of his podcast on our feed where I was a guest early this August. Be sure and check out past and future episodes of Adam's Show -- The Past and the Pending Podcast. Here are the episodes original Show Notes:

Hey folks! The Past and the Pending returns yet again with another guest episode, one that I've dreamt of doing since starting this podcast. This time, Jason Walstrom aka The Jastrom, host/creator of Entertainment Landfill (formerly Nowhere in Mulberry) joins me for nearly 3 hour chat about podcasting, films we've seen from the past and present and our mutual admiration for the filmography of director John Woo. There's anecdotes about the early days of podcasting and the NIM period of Jason's podcast, thoughts on the films Duck You Sucker, The Road Warrior, Prospect and an in-depth discussion of Once Upon A Time in...Hollywood (SPOILER WARNING FROM 1:19 - 1:46; Jason and I spoil the hell out of Tarantino's latest so please, I'm begging you, see the film before you listen to that section; YOU'VE BEEN WARNED). And then the last hour or so is geeking out about our history of watching John Woo's Hong Kong and U.S. films (there is spoiler talk about certain films like The Killer and Bullet In The Head so if you haven't seen them, too bad. You've had plenty of time). This episode is longer than usual episodes but when you're lucky to get The Jastrom on your podcast, you go all out. Enjoy!

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