Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Entertainment Landfill -- Special Announcement

Attention Listeners and Patrons! I want to bring your attention to the Mixlr App for iPhone and Android -- You can listen to us live using the App on your Phone and always know when we go live! There's another reason I want you to know about this App -- Because I want to start doing a weekly live show all about Entertainment News involving, Film, Television and Pop Culture! I can do this with the help of Patrons, check out the Patreon page here to see our goal (along with a special episode that will be available when we meet that goal!). With your help I can do a weekly Landfill News Show Live! -- I also intend to do a show that covers my (with Stephen and Bill when available and Guests!) reactions to movie trailers called Trailer React.

Also, I wanted to bring the Podbean App to your attention, it's also for iPhone and Android Phones -- with this App you will instantly receive our shows as soon as they are uploaded and you will have access to all past episodes on our feed right there on your device! How cool is that? So, please check out the Patreon page, visit Mixlr and Podbean so you can always have our show whether it be Live or Podcast right there at your fingertips! Thank you for listening and supporting Entertainment Landfill and don't forget to listen to this special announcement in Podcast form where I can explain everything in much more detail! Again, Thank You.

ETL Special Announcement

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