Monday, February 08, 2010

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 191 -- Scissor Kick

Army of Two: 40th Day - Alien vs Predator Demo - Voicemail - From Paris with Love - Big Fan - Seducing Cindy - Steven Seagal: Lawman - Cake Boss - Kitchen Nightmares - Heroes - Dollhouse - 24 - Smallville - Fringe - Friday Night Lights - Lost - The News - DVD’s of the Week: The Running Man

Episode 191

Episode 191 (Enhanced)


MsJSquared said...

Hello Mulberry Crew!

You guys are total studs. I'm a female listener that passes the work hours listening to your podcast. We're of the same generation, so I smile gleefully with every "commercial break" and pop culture reference. I notice that you seem to have a larger male let me represent for the ladies in saying, you guys are awesome. ;-)

Also...who makes the snore noises? wtf....

Also...I love to hate "Heroes." My favorite shows right now: "Fringe," "True Blood" (come back to me!), "Lost." I have never, ever watched an episode of "Friday Night Lights." I couldn't care less. Sorry. I skip that part of the podcast. Love the movie reviews, though!

Okay...this negative-30 chick is a bit tipsy and must work tomorrow. Muahz!


Linda van Boje Lund said...

LOve, LOve the show <3 and Im a female listener too :)