Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 174 -- Hoff Nuts

Stephen's Rough Road - NiM Book Club Update - Toe injury! - Voicemail - Rick's Robot Jocks - District 9 discussion - Avatar Round Table w/Andy Siems - America's Got Talent - Big Brother - Hell's Kitchen - Cake Boss Finale - Top Chef Las Vegas - Top Chef Masters Finale - The Colony - Entourage - True Blood - The News - DVD's of the Week: Second Skin

Episode 174

Episode 174 (Enhanced)


Jenni Lou said...

I just love your podcast, guys! I even had to put it up as a rec on my own site. Thanks for the great job you do! I really love the AAc feed. Keep it up!

The Jastrom said...

Thank you, we appreciate it, thank you for listening Jenni Lou, I hope you continue to like the show. Thanks for the plug as well!