Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 148 -- Slow Clap

We're Back! - Woman Bites Dog - The Unborn - David Goyer - Swayze on Babs - Cruise on The View - Adam Corolla on Leno - Richard Simmons on CNN - Charm School Reunion - Rock of Love Bus - The Bachelor - Bad Girls Club - Friday Night Lights - Top Chef - The News - DVD's of the Week: Appaloosa

Episode 148

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Chris Thorn co-host of That's Good to Know said...

Great to hear you guys again. Great show, tons of laugh out loud moments and hey wait hold on.....i think my connection is going bad.....*PLEASE STAND BY******

well like i was saying. great show, and don't worry,no matter how many technical glitches there are in one show, your true fans will always listen.

Chris in Pittsburgh
JCrichton77 on the forums