Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 65

We're Back - Trump vs Rosie - Voicemail - Byron Allen - Alpha Dog - Lauer on Letterman - Armed and Famous - Beauty and the Geek - Shooting Sizemore - The Apprentice - The Knights of Prosperity - We Love Friday Night Lights! - The News - DVD's of the Week: Idiocracy

Episode 65


Chaim said...

G-d bless your whole crew for getting this out before I leave work. I was crossing my fingers it'd be out before I have to make the commute.

Right now you guys are my top podcast!!! Keep it up!

PS - Stop harrasing Vannesa, she rocks.

The Jastrom said...

Thanks Man! I'm glad we got it out in time. As for Vanessa, we promise to stop harassing her. Hehe

Enjoy the Episode!

Anonymous said...

ey, this is marie from the phils! finally, a new episode! i'm currently downloading the podcast, but i'm glad you guys have also caught up with friday night lights like i have over the past holidays. looking forward to listening to it. :)

The Jastrom said...

Hi Marie! Yes Friday Night Lights kicks ass and I realized that I really wasn't talking about it on the show but I can't do that anymore this show has just blown me away. I hope you enjoy the show!