Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode 30

NIM has Changed our Lives - We Want Feedback! - Old Shows going in the Vault - Podcast Voting Rant - BRICK - Bills Slevin Review - Blow Out - The Apprentice - Smallville - 24 - Lost - Vanessas old 45 Collection Game - The News - DVDs of the Week: Fun with Dick and Jane

Episode 30


Twenty One Productions said...

Hey I like your show, I listen to it.

Seriously, I dig the podcast and I love the T.V. reviews becasue I watch all those shows, except the Sopranos, (don't get HBO), that's the sacrifices one must make to be a filmmaker, or at least I do. So, I count on you to tell me what the F is happening!

Keep up the good work!

RJ, Twenty One Productions

The Jastrom said...

Thanks RJ, I'm digging your show too!