Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nowhere in Mulberry Episode Two

Episode Number 2. With Jastrom, Stephen, Vanessa and Introducing Mulberry Historian MulBerry Bill.

Episode 2 is here and we talk about FEMA and the fact that someone padded their resume'-Exaggerated Movie sound effects-The upcoming film Brokeback Mountain-What's on our Tivo's-A visit to Vanessa's news desk-And a discussion on EVP-Electronic Voice to coast am.

Special shout out to my Dad for the Music! Thanks Pops!



Anonymous said...

need 2 fancy up your site some. now where r dem taters?

Anonymous said...

member me? i jest left a comment. i really like your show. when u gonna me more?
slung blade

Anonymous said...

that wood b make more!

Anonymous said...

why come you aint fixed it yet?

The Jastrom said...

Hah I knew it! What the hell is wrong with you Stephen?